CBSA - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2016
Building the best HR organization in public administration

In 2016, our Human Resources Branch at the Canada Border Services Agency embarked on an exciting and ambitious transformation to make service delivery and the way we work together more strategic, cohesive and nimble. The one|hr Guiding Principles include making our people our number one focus, working as one, no matter where we are, doing things right the first time, and going from need to know to need to share basis. More frequent town halls, brown-bag lunches, wellness activities, and streamlining our governance structure have contributed to greater consultation, more openness and collaboration.  Our Agency is becoming the government-wide leader in the use of results- and risk-based HR approaches. We are shifting our focus from process to outcomes. This approach and all our other human resources (HR) priorities have been included in the one|plan, new integrated business plan, which was distributed to all HR employees earlier this year. These priorities support our day-to-day work and reflect the conversations we have had with our employees over the past year and the valuable advice they have provided.

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