EDI/Portal Clients
EDI/Portal services supported by the Technical Commercial Client Unit


Service Business hours After hours support Alternate contact
!General EDI or Portal inquiries (not time sensitive) supported not supported N/A
Applying to become an EDI/Portal client supported not supported N/A
Certification testing supported not supported N/A
eMail inquiries supported not supported N/A
Status of specific transactions in production supported not supported Refer to Frequently asked question 1
Interpretation of specific system rejection messages supported supported Refer to Error codes under Troubleshooting
Interpretation of specific rejection messages from Border Services Officers not supported not supported Port of clearance
Interpretation of CFIA rejection messages not supported not supported CFIA National Import Service Centre
Troubleshooting complete CBSA data flow interruptions of over an hour supported supported N/A
Retransmission of missing individual Notification of release, RNS messages or eManifest Notices supported not supported N/A
House Bill or House Bill close problems supported supported Regional Client support for freight forwarders
eManifest Highway issues (time sensitive) supported supported Regional Client Support for highway clients
eManifest Portal problems (navigation support, log in issues) supported supported N/A
Shared Secret problems supported not supported eManifest Portal Shared Secret team
CADEX and CUSDEC B3 questions supported not supported N/A
Customs Tariff questions supported not supported N/A
Problems relating to shipments of time sensitive goods like live animals, perishable goods, just in time inventory supported supported N/A
Customs Internet Gateway problems supported supported N/A
Updates to your EDI transmission profile supported not supported N/A
Changes to a Portal Business account (must be made by the owner of the account)" supported supported N/A
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