Job Opportunities
Student Border Services Officer

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) offers frontline job opportunities for students that will provide them with the opportunity to gain exposure to the important work undertaken by the Agency at the country’s international airports and postal operations.

About the job

Student border services officers (SBSOs) work with border services officers (BSOs) to ensure the country’s security and prosperity by managing the access of people and goods to and from Canada. They carry out primary inspections at international airports and work in postal operations. As a SBSO, you will promote compliance with Canada's border, trade, and tax legislation and regulations through responsible enforcement, quality service, and education. You could intercept contraband goods, including drugs, firearms, and other prohibited goods from entering Canada, and be responsible for assessing duties and taxes.

On a daily basis, SBSOs will need to demonstrate sound judgment, effective communication skills, a commitment to service excellence in client services.

Some of the duties of a SBSO may require physical exertion; therefore, applicants should be aware that to successfully perform the duties of the job, they should have and maintain a good level of fitness.

The majority of the employment opportunities will be full-time from May until the end of August; however, the employment period may begin at a later time and may extend until after Labour Day. There may be a possibility of part-time re-employment during the fall and/or winter academic semesters, but this is based on operational needs and may not be an option in every region.

Finally, it is important to note that SBSOs are not armed and the CBSA does not hire students for locations where BSOs are armed or will be armed, i.e. land border locations.

Work locations

Positions for SBSOs are typically located in the following cities:

Eligibility and experience

The CBSA is looking for highly motivated, mature, and reliable post-secondary students to work as SBSOs.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following Federal Student Work Experience (FSWEP) criteria:

Preference may be given to students in a field related to the job such as criminology, law, security, law enforcement, psychology, sociology or police studies.

Preference will also be given to Canadian citizens.

Conditions of employment

Conditions of employment are requirements that must be met or complied with before you can be hired to a particular position. They must also be maintained throughout your employment.

The following three conditions of employment must be obtained and met on your own time and at your own expense, prior to being hired.

For the following conditions of employment, if you are being considered for employment, the CBSA will arrange the logistics required for you to obtain. The successful completion and maintenance of these conditions however, remains your responsibility and without them, you cannot be hired for the SBSO position:

Additionally, to be considered for employment, you must accept the following conditions of employment:


Upon recruitment, SBSOs will receive formal training and on-the-job shadowing/coaching.

Employment equity

The CBSA is committed to having a skilled, diversified workforce reflective of Canadian society and to the equitable representation of women (especially in non-traditional occupational groups), Aboriginal peoples, persons with a disability, and members of a visible minority group.

Hourly rates of pay

SBSOs are paid in accordance with the Student Rates of Pay established by the Treasury Board.

How to apply

To apply to become a SBSO, please visit the FSWEP website, click on "Departmental Programs" from the menu on the left, and then "Canada Border Services Agency - Student Border Services Officer" to view the job poster.

Please note that to apply to become a SBSO, students must first apply to the general FSWEP program and then modify their FSWEP application to apply for a departmental program.

Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact

For more information about the CBSA, please visit the About Us section of the Agency's website.

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